“I managed a Hong Kong company of more than 100 staff previously. Linette helped my company map out all the critical work processes and all the key job descriptions for my staff. She gave focused and value-added inputs on the work processes for a smoother and more effective running of the company. In the time that she spent at our Hong Kong company and the subsequent months that followed when she was back in Singapore, she was able to accomplish the project as quickly as possible and demonstrated her professionalism, competence and commitment to the project. I truly appreciated her systematic approach to work and her focus on business results.”

Cheng Hoi Fun, Managing Director, Kendy Publishing Co. Ltd

“Linette is a very resourceful, knowledgeable and determined consultant. Working with her was very dynamic as she could constantly pull something out of the hat to meet our needs. Even if it was for a very last minute request to fulfill a very important business need, Linette was able to work through the obstacles, focus on the deliverables and partner us to produce the results. Our team has greatly benefitted from this partnership.”

Deborah Lau, Rewards & Training Manager, MNC

“I got to know Linette when she joined our organization to oversee the HRD portfolio. She immediately distinguished herself as a HR professional who focuses on what matters most: the professional development of our colleagues, finding ways to say yes, rather than to be unnecessarily constrained by rules. One of the cornerstone HR programmes in the organization that she played a key role in setting up is the mentorship programme. Through this, she had matched many lasting pairs of mentor and mentee in the organization.

I was very impressed with the simple, but effective ground rules she set, not making the programme a cumbersome or rigid one, but one that focuses on building a lasting relationship between senior many junior staff.
Many of the fellow mentors have since then continued to volunteer their time to this meaningful programme, in no small part due to the strong foundation that Linette has built up. That’s a lasting contribution she has given to the organization.”

Dr Tan Puay Yok,
(former Mentor in the NParks Mentoring Program)

“Linette is someone I enjoyed working with. Not only is her execution smooth and almost flawless because of the careful planning and detailed preparation that goes into her work, but she always takes pains to address the softer side of people interactions. I remember how this played out positively in the training roadmaps as well as the mentorship programme she designed and executed for the National Parks Board. I especialliy appreciate and respect her unobtrusive follow-up, gentle monitoring and the gentle nudgings that were time-to-time necessary in achieving the desired outcome.”

Chris Long Seen Hui,
Former Assistant Director (Design) & former Mentor in the NParks Mentoring Program, National Parks Board

“Ms Linette Heng conducted the Communication Strategies workshop for Asian Women’s Welfare Association, TEACH ME In-Circulation Programme, on the 19th and 20th August 2010 as a volunteer trainer. The programme aims to integrate physically-challenged youths into the mainstream society through its series of workshops and courses that could aid them in the gaining of employment.

In the course of her volunteering work, Linette has provided exceptional professional service to the beneficiaries of the programme. The participants shared that they not only find her workshop engaging and fun but useful to be applied in a work-place setting as well. A dedicated volunteer trainer, Linette had shown great passion and tireless commitment for the disadvantaged. Her unwavering support towards AWWA’s cause is therefore, truly admirable.

Because of her professionalism, steadfast dedication and exceptional support, I highly recommend her to any organization seeking her professional service in this area.

Our youths with physical disability are truly appreciative of her for the positive difference she has made.”

Erni Nurilyana Kamisran (Ms)
Volunteer Management Executive
Asian Women’s Welfare Association

“Linette attended our Facilitation Training and then offered her time as a Volunteer Facilitator in our community projects. She is very meticulous and dependable. Her corporate background experience coupled with her Masters in HRD has equipped her well in serving her clients in a very facilitative style. I wish her well in her consulting practice.”

Prabu Naidu, Co-Founder, Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS)

Training/Facilitation Testimonials
“Thank you for all your teaching, sharing, extra useful techniques outside the curriculum and most of all your valuable feedback and advice. It has been my honor to learn from a facilitator and trainer who is so dedicated and with a wealth of diversified experience such as yourself.”

Dr Thomas Kwan, Msc.D. (U.S.A.), D.M.H. (U.K.) Corporate & Life Coach, Trainer & Speaker

“It was good to have you as our facilitator. Those points are useful and will take note of them. Glad to have facilitators who care. “ Danny Lee

“The facilitator has shared many personal experience and tips, very generous in her sharing knowledge. She is very positive, active and energetic.” Anonymous

“Linette kept the class moving the whole time- engaging and entertaining. She was very informative and also allowed the teachers to give some input”

Diane, Ramkhanhaeng University Demonstration School (Thailand)

“All the areas are greatly presented. Linette is a very good, excellent I should say, facilitator”

Marlen Pajarillo Camagay, Ramkhanhaeng University Demonstration School English Program (Thailand)

“Facilitator very professional, very helpful and insightful”

K. Mavritson, Sunflower Trilingual School (Thailand)

“Everything is perfect.” Anchalee Yoosuk, St Louis School (Thailand)

“Fantastically well-organised, done at a good pace with just enough information.” Jo Mullins, Anuban Chonburi (Thailand)

“The quasi-simulations of the assessment centres was a fresh and informative experience.”

Zhang Yitan, Raffles Institution

“The skills the workshop taught us are memorable and lifelong that I am sure will be very useful to handle interviews and beyond”

Chng Wei Qiang, Raffles Institution

“I have not updated my resume for more than 17 years. Linette looked at what I have written and said that it would not do. She said she would improve my resume to help me get “serious consideration” from prospective employers, rather than mere “polite viewings”. I landed my present job with her help.”

Toh Yong Chuan
Senior Correspondent
The Straits Times

“I was looking for another job and needed to update my resume. I could take days to update my resume!! But Linette only took one over hour, read my resume, broke down and simplify the contents for me. She also taught me what I should or should not be adding and why. I was shortlisted for an interview and I got the job”

Dorothy Yeo, HR Consultant, MNC

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