Team Building

Does your team have the following challenges or problems?

New team members who have not bonded with the existing team, deadlines not met, unclear team roles, duplicate work, miscommunication, personality differences, non-contributing team members?

Very often, organisations think that teambuilding workshops are the solution to all these problems and order a quick fix. Teams are sent off to a retreat, play a whole host of team activities for the day, for example, tug of war, indoor or outdoor team challenges and end the day with a rousing team cheer! But when the team returns to the office, the same old team problems exist. Disillusion then sets in.

Leadership Presence is committed to designing customised teambuilding solutions, such as engaging the team in authentic dialogue which involves the team in honest conversations about the real underlying team issues.

Leadership Presence helps organisations in the following areas:
1. Diagnose team issues through various methods such as the Belbin Team Role, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DISC psychometric tools, focus group discussions and interactive teambuilding workshops.

2. Facilitate the development of the team action plans which will bring the team to the next higher level

We are certified in the Belbin Team Role Inventory tool, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DISC psychometric tools which help teams leverage the strengths of individuals and address the gaps in the team.

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