Leadership Presence provides customised leadership development programs and solutions in the following areas:

1. Managing self
2. Managing teams
3. Developing systematic mentoring programs
4. Executive coaching

All new managers, experienced managers and supervisors need managerial & supervisory skills to help them function effectively in a organisation which is becoming more complex in the 21st century. These skills are critical to help them boost staff morale & team performance, foster employee engagement and improve staff retention. All this in turn helps the organisation build a strong internal and external brand.

Organisations need to have sound talent management and leadership development practices which are sustainable in the long run, if they wish to retain their top talent and develop leaders who develop leaders in turn.

All in all, Leadership Presence believes that leadership development should be executed in a wholistic, sustainable and non-piecemeal way. Organisations need to develop a clear leadership framework and execute it through a sustained variety of leadership development practices, for example, mentoring and training instead of relying on high profile programs which start with a big bang but end with a whimper.

We are certified to administer a range of psychometric tools, primarily in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC and Belbin Team Roles for effective individual, team and organisation development.

We have a proven track record in developing a systematic mentoring program as part of talent management and leadership development. This involves ensuring a careful matching of mentors and mentees, a systematic tracking of developmental goals and evaluation of the program.

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What Clients Say:

“Linette is a very resourceful, knowledgeable and determined consultant. Working with her was very dynamic as she could constantly pull something out of the hat to meet our needs. Even if it was for a very last minute request to fulfill a very important business need, Linette was able to work through the obstacles, focus on the deliverables and partner us to produce the results. Our team has greatly benefitted from this partnership.”

Deborah Lau, Rewards & Training Manager, MNC

“I got to know Linette when she joined our organization to oversee the HRD portfolio. She immediately distinguished herself as a HR professional who focuses on what matters most: the professional development of our colleagues, finding ways to say yes, rather than to be unnecessarily constrained by rules. One of the cornerstone HR programmes in the organization that she played a key role in setting up is the mentorship programme. Through this, she had matched many lasting pairs of mentor and mentee in the organization.

I was very impressed with the simple, but effective ground rules she set, not making the programme a cumbersome or rigid one, but one that focuses on building a lasting relationship between senior many junior staff.

Many of the fellow mentors have since then continued to volunteer their time to this meaningful programme, in no small part due to the strong foundation that Linette has built up. That’s a lasting contribution she has given to the organization.”

Dr Tan Puay Yok, (Former Mentor in the NParks Mentoring Program)

“I managed a Hong Kong company of more than 100 staff previously. Linette helped my company map out all the critical work processes and all the key job descriptions for my staff. She gave focused and value-added inputs on the work processes for a smoother and more effective running of the company. In the time that she spent at our Hong Kong company and the subsequent months that followed when she was back in Singapore, she was able to accomplish the project as quickly as possible and demonstrated her professionalism, competence and commitment to the project. I truly appreciated her systematic approach to work and her focus on business results.”

Cheng Hoi Fun, Managing Director, Kendy Publishing Co. Ltd

“Linette attended our Facilitation Training and then offered her time as a Volunteer Facilitator in our community projects. She is very meticulous and dependable. Her corporate background experience coupled with her Masters in HRD has equipped her well in serving her clients in a very facilitative style. I wish her well in her consulting practice.”

Prabu Naidu, Co-Founder, Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS)